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Ohio Senior Insurance works every day to help Ohio’s Medicare recipients. We are an independent, full-service insurance provider, here to meet your needs for health care and retirement.

We want to earn your business as a long-term client.

We get there by…

  • Understanding your unique health and life insurance needs

  • Sharing available insurance options with you

  • Recommending appropriate and affordable coverage


  • Providing the highest grade of personalized customer service


We work for you.

Conversations with our customers often start with this same comment: Medicare is confusing. We agree.


Customers will also often say that Medicare seems to change almost constantly. We know it.

We also know that happy retirements start with a plan, one that clears the confusion and endures the changes.

Ohio Senior Insurance provides you with straightforward facts about your Medicare and financial choices. That leads to a path that our agents will follow with you.

We represent over thirty different insurance companies. Our consultations are free. OSI clients know that they have the best information about their Medicare choices and retirement strategies.

Pick the way you want to begin. Use our online contact options or start your relationship with Ohio Senior Insurance over a cup of coffee. Open your kitchen to one of our representatives or meet with us at a convenient location. Our team is ready, and your options are plenty.

OSI clients enjoy honest, up-to-date information on all Medicare changes, and personalized resources, available 24/7.

Call, email, text, or use our online chat tool to speak with an OSI rep right now. They’re waiting to help, so you can enjoy retirement to the fullest.


We can help.


More time for you.

You're a click or a call away from a complimentary consult.

You can save money and better understand your coverage. Let us give you a tour of your options.


Ohio Senior Insurance is not connected with, or endorsed by, the United States government or the federal Medicare program.

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