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Kellee Ott

“I see my client come walking in, they're frazzled, they don't understand Medicare, their situation could be super unique. And then when they sit back after we've gone through everything and they can relax, and they say, ‘Well, that's not so bad.’ I understand that. That’s where my passion is.”

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Kellee Ott brought degrees in accounting and business administration and 15 years of customer service experience (plus over 10 years in real estate) to Ohio Senior Insurance. Since joining in 2018, she’s built her clientele rapidly, thanks to intense dedication to each customer’s needs.

In 2019, Kellee was awarded the Anthem Rising Star for outstanding service, and she has since obtained her Long-Term Care Designation. She to expands her knowledge base consistently, and that translates into a wider range and detail of services that she can offer her clients.

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