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What is
Final Expense Insurance?

If you leave behind unpaid expenses when you die, those expenses can be a tremendous burden to your family. Final Expense Insurance pays those debts. It provides peace of mind to you and relief for your loved ones.

Final expenses are usually covered with a whole life insurance policy. The guaranteed benefits of whole life include a premium that can never be increased, cash value, and a death benefit that can never be decreased.

Don’t worry if you have some health problems. The cost of final expense coverage is very affordable, and the application process is quick and easy.

You can apply for Final Expense Insurance coverage without a medical examination. Just answer the questions on the application.

How important is Final Expense Insurance?

Ask yourself, “If I died tomorrow, could my family afford my final expenses?”

In Ohio, the average funeral cost is about $8,000.* But those costs do not include a burial plot, and many people never make that purchase, leaving the cost for their families. Add to that the cost of transportation, memorials, and other expenses and the final amount can double or triple.

Unresolved debts and lingering medical and legal bills all add to the reasons why Final Expense Insurance is essential. Every outstanding bill will be paid. It’s a final gift to your loved ones in their time of grief.


* National Funeral Directors Association, 2019

Medicare is always changing.

Review your coverage with a licensed agent today.

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