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Denice Hamilton-Short

“Early in my career, a lady said to me, ‘I’m paying $500 a month for medication. It's exhausting my savings. And I don't know what to do.’ We talked about her situation, and I said, ‘I've got some good news and bad news. The bad news is, that you had the wrong drug plan last year. The good news is, that we can get you the right plan, and that same medication that was costing you $500 is going to cost you five dollars next year.’”


Service that is personal, immediate, and easy to understand is what separates Denice Hamilton-Short and her team from other agencies.

A licensed agent for over a decade, Denice has assisted over 3,000 people in securing Medicare coverage, and with their retirement planning. From being named Banker’s Life Rookie of the Year, to receiving both the Aetna Frontrunner Award (2014 to 2022) and being named an Anthem Mega-Star (2016-2022), Denice has established herself as an industry leader. The founder of Ohio Senior Insurance, Denice holds a national certification in Long Term Care Planning

In 2022, the Senior Market Sales organization awarded Denice into the President's Club recognizing her and the agency for their tremendous growth and accomplishments.

Denice’s prior experience in hospital management, and with major corporations, helped create a foundation both for assisting clients with healthcare decisions, and for training new insurance agents. “It's important for me to mentor other agents,” Denice says, “Because there is such a wide need for people to know more about Medicare and their choices.”

Licensed in Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Arizona and Alabama, Denice continues to expand services into other states with the goal of adding new agents across the country to the Ohio Senior Insurance team.

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