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Liz Baldridge

“Our clients face some common problems. When they're turning 65, they don't know how it all works. We're there to show them their options, what they need to do, and how to get signed up. My client relationships are special. I feel like they're friends. I have some people that call me every week, and I always enjoy hearing from them.”

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Liz Baldridge brings vast customer service experience to OSI, thanks to a previous 30-year career in the restaurant and hospitality industry. There, she honed her interpersonal communications skills and perfected her means of timely service and organization.

Liz is rewarded by helping people save money while being satisfied that their insurance dollar is going as far as it can. “Using Medicare is an important step for folks,” she says, “And since getting my Ohio Insurance License for Health and Life and coming to OSI, the opportunities to help people navigate their coverage have been amazing.”

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